Meet Tech Hub Hudson Members: Anouk & Rachel

Meet Tech Hub Hudson Members: Anouk & Rachel

Tech Hub Hudson’s coworking members Anouk and Rachel are remote employees for a logistics company located in Kirkland, Ohio. Anouk, a Hudson resident, accepted her position because the organization allows her to work remotely. Our venue is the ideal location for Anouk as it’s only five minutes from her home.

Rachel was brought on in May 2017 to help Anouk with her increasing coding workload. As a resident of Wadsworth, Rachel is thrilled to commute just 35 minutes to THH rather than an hour and a half to the company’s headquarters.

What services does your company provide to customers?

The company we work for is a third party logistics provider serving heavy industry in the Great Lakes region. Our logistics software tracks the movement of raw materials and heavy industry products throughout its transport journey in this area. Companies now know, in real time, the exact location of their production materials­, from barge to rail to trucks.

Prior to implementing our software, many of our customers relied on basic spreadsheets or even pen and paper to try to track the movement of their raw materials. Not surprisingly, such archaic methods resulted in guesswork and estimated arrival times rather than established and dependable timeframes, negatively impacting both resource planning and manufacturing schedules.

What are your backgrounds?

Anouk is originally from Montreal, Canada and has lived in various U.S. cities as well – including Austin, New York City, and Philadelphia.  She has utilized her computer science background in many industries but never anticipated working in the field of transportation.  “It sounded a bit dry and boring when I came on board,” she admitted but has discovered, thankfully, that she misjudged the industry.

Rachel, with a degree in Political Science, began her career in a non-technical role within the trucking industry. She developed her coding skills at a Tech Elevator Boot Camp. Anouk hired Rachel because she loved her attitude, knowing she would be willing to put in the work to increase her coding skills. Their suitability as a team is evident in meeting them.

Why did you become a remote worker?

Anouk has reached that stage of her life where flexibility is her top concern. As a mom, she wants to have greater control over her time and physical locale.  She had worked as a freelancer but realized she preferred solving problems to invoicing. Working remotely as an employee provides her with the best of both worlds.

Rachel feels THH has provided them the opportunity to collaborate in person. She also appreciates the time and money saved in a shorter commute.

What are your business goals?

Anouk and Rachel are dedicated to optimizing the software code, improving user experience with it, and bringing more heavy industry players out of the dark ages of spreadsheets (or pen and paper) and into the productivity provided by their B2B software logistics solution.

Both are motivated by their direct contact with the end-users of their product. They hear directly from those that rely on their software. As a team they have first-line control over the software and work hard to constantly improve upon it to meet the needs and expectations of its users in the field.

Why did you choose Tech Hub Hudson?

Anouk chose Tech Hub Hudson for two reasons – location (five minutes from home) and fast internet connection, which is key to the work that she does.  Both women enjoy the relaxed collaborative environment and the kitchen amenities, which make it easy to bring lunch from home.

Both agreed they would have declined their jobs were they not able to work remotely at Tech Hub Hudson.

What kind of membership did you have?

We have a two-flex desk membership, which means we pay monthly for our space. We had three desks at one point and hope to return to that if we have enough work to add another coder to our group.

What piece of advice would you give another entrepreneur/remote worker?

Be organized and stay focused. It’s easy to get side tracked. Be disciplined.

Could Remote Options Improve Your Company’s Ability to Hire Talent?

Tech Hub Hudson makes Anouk and Rachel happy. With its central location in Northeast Ohio, fiber network and collaborative workspace, Tech Hub Hudson could be the solution your company needs in recruiting top talent. Call our community manager, De-de Mulligan, at 330-472-7673 or email her at to schedule a tour!