Meet Tech Hub Hudson Member: Donna Kastner

Meet Tech Hub Hudson Member: Donna Kastner

Meet Tech Hub Hudson’s coworking member Donna Kastner of Retirepreneur. She is an entrepreneur who helps 50 to 60 somethings transition out of full-time work status into the next chapter of their professional careers.   

What services does your company provide to customers?

Retirepreneur helps 50- and 60-somethings to begin to explore how they might segue from a full-time job to a part-time consulting gig, doing work they enjoy. We do this through workshops, webinars, videos, podcasts, articles, etc. on I also have a consulting practice that’s focused on enhancing experience design and marketing strategy for professional conferences and trade shows.

What is your background?

For the first five years, I was a high school band director – then I segued to the business world, primarily engaged in sales, marketing and training pursuits.

Why did you become an entrepreneur/remote worker?

I’ve moved back and forth from full-time job to entrepreneurial endeavors– but for the past dozen years, I’ve been more focused on the entrepreneurial path. The freedom to choose what I do and who I engage with are top motivators for me.

What are your business goals?

While today I’m running a consulting practice, plus building up Retirepreneur, my biggest goal is to be all in on Retirepreneur by the end of 2020. We’re championing a movement to reinvent work in retirement and there’s lots of people who need and appreciate this support.

Why did you choose Tech Hub Hudson?

Two big reasons – it’s convenient (less than a mile from my house) and the office space I now have is a great fit for my needs. I’m often running webinars and producing videos. The space and natural light are perfect for these projects.

What kind of membership did you have?

Dedicated office space.

What piece of advice would you give another entrepreneur/remote worker?

While working remote saves on commuting time, be sure to schedule time each week (and even each day) for face-to-face meetings. While digital has advanced in meaningful ways, there’s nothing as rich as face-to-face conversations to advance your personal brand.