Beware of Burnout

Whether you’re a one-man show or running a team, heed this cautionary tale about an entrepreneur who started her own business, but ultimately folded. Unfortunately, there are so many entrepreneurs out there experiencing the same phenomenon which can lead to a fold: burnout.

What is burnout, you ask? This Entrepreneur article provides a good definition: “Burnout, coined in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger, an American-German psychologist, is a situation where you mentally or physically collapse due to workload or related issues.” And to be even more specific, this Forbes article puts it into really good layman’s terms: “Your professional and personal life begin to blur. You hit a creative wall. Your passion begins to falter.”

No one wants that. And the aforementioned articles provide some really great insight into signs of burnout, and how you can avoid it. For further reading, definitely click on the links!

But let’s take this to the next step and recognize the ways that coworking specifically helps one avoid burnout. The first article mentioned is actually titled Why This Entrepreneur Believes Coworking Is The Best Solution For Burnout And Creative Blocks. And we’re inclined to support that statement.


Don’t take your work home. We all know that. Life is about balance and boundaries, and it’s really hard to draw that line when you’re working from home. Coworking spaces provide that “work-from-home” feel with coffee and a casual atmosphere, but without the actual home part.


Exercise and meditate. We all try, but don’t always succeed at treating our bodies and minds the way we should. Coworking often offer (or at least encourage) healthy lifestyle choices like yoga, exercise, and breaks from the monotony of the work day.


Talk it out/ask questions. So often, that’s harder than we think. Especially if we’re just getting started, or are truly “solopreneurs” and working alone. Sometimes you can even feel like a failure just for admitting you need help or advice. Coworking spaces offer that cushion of people. Conversation and community are encouraged, and chances are, people are either in similar places in their career, or have already traversed whatever issue you’re having.