How Startups Leverage Coworking Spaces

How Startups Leverage Coworking Spaces

Coworking has become a realistic alternative to traditional office space for the last decade. Not only is it a professional, cost-effective option for freelance and remote workers, but it has also become an essential option for entrepreneurial and new business success. This is especially good news for startups!

Coworking spaces provide professional workspaces other than emptying out the garage or basement to make space to launch a business. In fact, startups leverage coworking spaces to kickstart and nurture their success.

Forget the Garage

We’ve all heard the “rags to riches” stories of contemporary behemoth’s in business starting their empires in humble garages (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Disney). But, as technology has evolved, so have modern workspace options. Now startups can leverage professional coworking workspaces that not only provide a polished space to meet investors and clients but provide opportunities to network with future talent, clients and partnerships.

Why Coworking for Startups?

When starting a new company, money is often the biggest barrier to success (hence, working out of a garage). However, with the advent of coworking spaces all over the world, forward-thinking professionals striking out on their own now have viable workspace options. Although the reasons vary, startups can reap three main benefits when choosing a coworking space as the “company headquarters”:

  1. Socialization
  2. Professional Presence
  3. Save Money

These are basically the same advantages any coworker realizes when choosing a coworking space. However, startups can further benefit when choosing not to isolate themselves from the rest of the professional world through peripheral coworking benefits such as:

  • Access to future talent
  • Proximity to potential clients
  • Opportunity to “think outside the box” (bouncing ideas off other professionals who aren’t vested in the success/failure of the budding enterprise)
  • Immediate adaptability for quick growth (immediate space for additional talent)
  • Opportunity to participate in organized networking events

However, if a startup deals with sensitive/personal information (e.g. medical or legal records) or proprietary technology (e.g. inventions or products up for patents), an open coworking space is probably more detrimental than beneficial. In these types of scenarios, a startup should look for a coworking space that also offers private office space for the team. Private office space is often an option for slightly more money. However, the startup still reaps the other values coworking spaces provide like socialization with peers and a  professional presence for potential clients/investors.

The age of freezing/sweating in a garage or basement to get a business off the ground is over. Coworking spaces provide a cost-effective, social way to spark off the “next big thing”!

Are You a Startup Looking for a Professional Workspace for a Budding Enterprise?

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