3 Tips to Stay Productive in a Coworking Space

3 Tips to Stay Productive in a Coworking Space

As stated in a previous blog, coworking spaces provide many benefits to the self-employed and/or budding entrepreneur. Specifically, shared workspaces enable a worker to convey a professional bearing and much needed socialization from time to time. However, once you decide to go ahead and shower first thing in the morning, dress is something other than sweats or workout clothes and join society in a coworking space, there are important tips to learn and follow to stay productive in a coworking space.

1. Stake Your Spot

Most coworking workers are self-employed and/or have flexible work hours. That’s great, but also counterproductive if you wait until the most productive spots are taken! The best course of action is to arrive early.

Most coworkers arrive between 10:00 am - 11:00 am. By then a preferred spot might be taken. When choosing the perfect spot, consider your upcoming tasks/deadlines.

If you need to knuckle down uninterrupted, select a spot away from other workers, entrances and/or hallways with a lot of foot traffic. On the flip side, if you have several business calls throughout the day, pick a spot close to a common space (e.g. kitchen, reception area, breakroom) where conversation is permitted, and you won’t have to jump up and quickly leave and walk through the entire coworking space to answer the call.

2. Mind Your Ears

Most coworkers know using headphones is a great way to visually block someone from approaching your work space and engaging in conversation (that along with not making eye contact when you really want to focus). However, sometimes the chit chat or legitimate collaboration of others from time to time can be extremely distracting. For those inevitable times, consider blocking out the sound of distracting voices with ambient white noise.

There is an entire science behind ambient noise. If you are feeling distracted, uninspired, unmotivated or overwhelmed, there is ambient noise to counteract those mindsets! So be mindful when selecting the appropriate ambient noise for productivity.  

3. Schedule Your Breaks

It sounds counterproductive to take breaks but taking a breather to reset your mind and stretch out throughout the day is a key element in productivity. Compelled by the productivity of others, coworking coworkers often subconsciously overwork. Don’t let peer pressure dictate real productivity, keep your mind fresh with frequent breaks. This doesn’t mean stepping away from the laptop for 30 minutes at a time. That will kill any workflow and become counter-productive.

According to an article in Fast Company, workers should take a break every 75 to 90 minutes for around 15 minutes max. This allows the human brain to process any new information recently learned and retain it for future use. So, when you start to zone out, get up and away from the computer to reset for a more productive day.

Follow these tried and true tips to maximize productivity in a coworking space. Remember, coworking spaces are like an office but without the politics. They provide positive socialization opportunities minus incessant complaining (e.g. there is no common “boss” to criticize), need to “climb the ladder” and/or “make your mark”. However, it is up to each worker to be as productive as possible by being disciplined and taking control over how the hours spent in the coworking space are utilized.

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