Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals know the challenges of working from home or at the local cafe. What seems like a good idea at the time (e.g. working in pajamas, flex-hours, multitasking between personal tasks and business tasks) hinders “getting work done”. If you are struggling with an abundance of freedom to the point where productivity has become an unattainable result, you may want to consider a coworking space.


Coworking spaces provide beneficial socialization. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, to thrive you still need interaction with others. Human beings are social creatures, so it’s logical that working in isolation, away from peers or other people in general can be detrimental to creativity and therefore, productivity.

As the saying goes “creativity doesn’t develop in a vacuum”. We, as humans, must “socialize” to be creative and problem solve. Other people working in the coworking space may not work for you or with you, but interaction with them is necessary for personal growth and creativity. Sometimes it takes observing others, bouncing an idea off another person, or feeling “in the loop” to have a breakthrough to solve a problem or get the creative juices flowing.

Professional Presence

Who wants to meet in someone’s dining room or listen to a dog bark in the background to discuss a business deal? No one, not really. Coworking spaces provide important ways an entrepreneur, sole proprietor and/or small business (e.g. 2-4 employees) can convey a professional outward appearance because it:

  • Establishes a legitimate work location/address
  • Often provides access to a conference room for client/customer meetings
  • Provides reliable high-speed Internet access
  • May offer printing options
  • Enables a worker to focus and complete tasks (i.e. removes you from distractions found at home or in a public WIFI location found in the local Starbucks or restaurant)

Saves Money and Time

Coworking spaces are very cost effective. Renting or owning a dedicated office space ends up costing more money out-of-pocket in addition to time away from money-making tasks. Coworking spaces alleviate the headache, by simplifying overhead costs and time-consuming tasks including:

  • Renting/buying office furniture - coworking spaces typically include furniture for work spaces and conference rooms
  • Providing security - coworking spaces may have security cameras and advanced security access points to keep personnel and equipment safe
  • Office management - coworking spaces provide a dedicated office manager to make sure bathrooms, kitchen and office equipment (e.g. high-speed internet access, printers/scans) are operational or fixed ASAP, when needed
  • All-in-one price - coworking space fees usually include all utilities, including high-speed Internet. Dedicated office spaces often come with several additonal monthly bills and separate, expensive business Internet plans

All of these considerations add up, depleting the wallet and time throughout a workday. Coworking spaces incorporate these costs within the monthly fee rental fee. The result, freeing up overhead costs and time doing business-related tasks, so you can concentrate and get things done.

So, if you are tired of working in isolation, not looking professional, or being bogged down by overhead costs associated with a dedicated office space, a coworking space may just be the answer!

Tired of working in coffee shops?

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