Furniture Companies Embracing Coworking

Furniture companies are embracing coworking, offering more flexible furniture and even opening their own coworking spaces in response to the rapidly growing trend. According to a recent Michigan story, Worklab by furniture distributor Custer Inc. and Blue35 by Haworth Inc. are both coworking facilities launched by furniture companies themselves.

The story also notes that coworking can provide a great escape from the distractions of the office, something several current members of Tech Hub Hudson cite as benefits of working from our space.

Increasingly, workers need to spend more time on “focus work,” according to Dr. Gabor Nagy, a research program manager in Haworth’s San Francisco office. However, given the amount of office distractions ranging from email to social media to coworkers, it’s becoming ever harder to focus on just one task.

It’s also costly, according to Nagy, who said that on average, workers lose up to two hours per day to distractions and other fruitless attempts to multi-task. 

“As the old adage goes, just focus and get it done is actually pretty smart business,” Nagy said. “Allocating individual focus time for one single task is the way to go.” 

If you just need to get some work done, without distractions that are all too common at your office, consider a coworking space instead of a coffee shop. With 500/500 reliable fiber internet, free refreshments, and a quiet, professional work environment, you can focus and get work done and feel great doing it.