Coworking in Hudson: An Ideal Space in Northeast Ohio

As the coworking craze grows ever more popular, spaces are starting to pop up left and right. With locations in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, Northeast Ohio is joining the trend. And as with any real estate decisions, the right coworking space for you comes down to location, location, location.

If you don’t really consider yourself a “city person,” though, you may find yourself out of luck. A majority of coworking spaces are still housed in big cities, surrounded by a buzzing metropolis. So, if you’re looking for something a little different, a quiet Hudson, Ohio setting might be for you.


Escape the City

Hudson, Ohio is certainly a thriving city—but it exists without overwhelming the senses. Consider what it might be like to look out the window and find sky, yards, and a road with only two lanes. No pollution, no noise, and no chaos. Also, you'll never have to carry cash or feed the meter, arguable some of the worst parts about city life. Parking at Tech Hub Hudson is free, and right next to the office.


Enjoy the Drive

What a concept, right? Enjoying your commute. We’re not saying traffic never happens, but at least it’s not bumper to bumper and gridlocked. Also, there’s easy access to Hudson no matter where you’re coming from. Just hop onto Route 8 or Interstate 77 and you can find yourself in Akron in 20 minutes or Cleveland in just 40.


Suburb Luxuries

Finally, the luxuries of suburb life. Did you know that Tech Hub Hudson has some quiet outdoor seating in case you ever want to get a little closer to Mother Nature? Hard to find in a pulsing city. We’re also located right by a neighborhood with sidewalks for those inclined to stretch their legs during the day. And perhaps most important of all—we’re a mere 5-minute drive from a variety of local and chain restaurants, as well as the hub of Hudson’s living and eating, First and Main.


If reading this article made you salivate for a new office situation, or even if you’re just looking for the chance to escape the city every once in a while, Tech Hub Hudson might be for you. We’re always open for a tour, so feel free to stop into your friendly neighborhood Tech Hub.