2019 Co-working Trends to Watch

2019 Co-working Trends to Watch


Coworking spaces are not a new concept but new concepts are coming to coworking spaces in 2019. Yes, as with all industries, coworking is changing and modernizing as it reacts to the changing tastes and preferences of the marketplace. So, what do we expect to see in 2019?  Here are six trends we identified for the year ahead.

Increased Focus on Design and Aesthetics

A top priority for those seeking coworking space continues to be the functional design and overall aesthetic of the building. What’s changing is increased competition.  As more and newer facilities open, pressure is placed on existing sites to up their game too.  Providers will need to focus not only on functional needs—desks, comfortable chairs, adequate lighting, fast Wi-Fi, enough power and outlets, water and beverage offerings, fridges and lunch spaces—they will need to consider the aesthetic of such provisions, perhaps hire an interior designer to satisfy current trends in interior spaces.

A few of the “new basics” include sitting and standing desks, sofas or couches with throw pillows in trendy colors.  Many locations are differentiating themselves by bringing the outdoors in with plants and flowers throughout the building, or even planted green walls.  Water features and stone or sand gardens can be installed to enhance a natural, calming aesthetic

Add-on Service Offerings

Large corporations learned long ago that employees benefit from additional services at the office such as babysitting, credit unions, and fitness opportunities. Such add-on amenities are now coming online in coworking, but with a small entity twist.  According to coworkingmag.com, the focus is on services geared toward startups and small businesses. Examples might include access to a business accountant, or digital marketing services. 

After-hours access to the office space Making the space pet-friendly is also a growing trend and, yes, babysitting sitting services are also a plus.


Niche Focused Spaces

Coworking is a community solution to working and as such many potential members are seeking spaces that further their business interests and goals. This will continue to drive the trend of niche specialization.  Many coworking spaces currently cater to niche market segments—technology, industry, logistics, women-only locations, creative professions such as writing or photography—and we believe this trend will continue.   


Connections, Classes, Interactions

While work is the priority of those who chose coworking spaces. A community is also an important consideration. To meet this need, providers are increasingly offering ways to connect, learn and grow as a community.  The use of apps that make intraoffice communications quick and easy is only the beginning. Coworking spaces are now offering weekly meetups for lunch, special events, or educational opportunities like the Lunch+Learn events held monthly at Tech Hub Hudson.  There’s also an increasing trend toward yoga or meditation sessions in some cities.


Growth in Corporate Adoption & Migration

Many consider coworking spaces a solution for freelancers, microbusinesses, or solopreneurs but corporations have jumped into the game and 2019 will see this trend continue, and even gain momentum.  Attracting and keeping talent is harder than ever in the current tight job market and larger companies are beginning to see that giving their people more flexibility, without the isolation of the home office, can help retention and employee satisfaction. Coworking locations should seek ways to make their spaces corporate friendly—small private offices, customization options, reception and lounge areas, conference rooms.


Digital Marketing

The final trend to embrace in 2019 is digital marketing.  Digital marketing efforts by coworking spaces are increasing rapidly, which is no surprise. Top-of-the-trends amenities and perfectly appointed interiors will only land new members if your message reaches your target market. 

Owners must spread the word and they are increasingly turning to digital marketing to cast the message far and wide.  Ads on social media and search engines for coworking spaces are increasing and have become a near must for all locations. 

Other strategies being adopted are the use of in-depth photo shoots to cast your business in the best light and the use of professional videos that demonstrate your location is tracking and adopting the hottest trends in business marketing. 

Tech Hub Hudson is Paying Close Attention to these Trends

We at Tech Hub Hudson are tracking with many of these trends, including reaching out to our future members through digital marketing avenues. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  If you would like to see our space and learn more about our amenities, please call De-de Mulligan for a personal tour (330-472-7673).

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