Meet Tech Hub Hudson Member: Vince Marchetti

Meet Tech Hub Hudson Member: Vince Marchetti

Meet Tech Hub Hudson’s newest coworking member Vince Marchetti. He is a software developer who enjoys the flexibility of being a contract worker but decided it was time to branch out and try coworking as a chance of pace from a home office.

What services does you/company provide to customers?  

I am a software developer primarily working in civil and mechanical engineering application development. I offer experience and expertise in precision GPS measurements, engineering analysis, 3D modeling and graphics, and product data management for manufacturing.

What is your background?

I came to northeast Ohio in the 80s to attend Case Western Reserve University, from which I graduated with a degree in Physics. I have held teaching and research positions in the physical sciences in New York and Ohio and now live in Stow with my wife and the stuff left behind by 4 children who have since grown and left home to pursue their own careers throughout the US and world.

Why did you become an entrepreneur/remote worker?

Working on a contract basis, and usually remotely, offered flexibility and the option of pursuing work problems and technologies which I found rewarding to work with.

What are your business goals?  

My goal is to provide my clients with reliable and technically sophisticated software solutions that directly support their businesses.

Why did you choose Tech Hub Hudson?

I had been working out of a home office but was looking for a way to shake things up and break stale habits; a noisy home improvement project was the tipping point to get me to give the coworking space a try. The Hudson location is very convenient for me and I value the professional atmosphere at the Tech Hub.

What kind of membership did you have?

The Full Time Desk Membership plan.

What piece of advice would you give another entrepreneur/remote worker?

My advice to others, and to myself, is to adopt the principle of “Continuous Improvement” to your own work flow and procedures. Look for modest gains you can achieve by changing the times or places you work, how you work with different clients, and what tools you use.